Exemple de lettre de présentation au pair

Afin de mettre toutes les chances de vos côtés je vous propose quelques exemples de lettre de présentation au pair.

Que dois-je mettre dans ma lettre de présentation :
– environ 500 mots
– vous devez vous décrire, ce que vous aimez faire, ce que vous faites en ce moment (étude/job)
– parler de votre famille
– parler de votre expérience auprès des enfants
– parler vos motivations, pourquoi vous voulez devenir au pair, etc…
Gardez en mémoire qu’une famille, rien qu’en lisant votre lettre de présentation, pourra savoir si vous êtes la bonne Au pair pour ses enfants, ou non.
Vous devez, absolument, la rédiger vous-même et sans l’aide de google translate. Le but est de montrer, également, votre niveau d’anglais! Si vous copiez/collez internet et que lors de votre interview vous ne savez pas aligner deux mots… ils vont comprendre que vous avez menti sur votre anglais, très mauvais départ.
Bien sûr, vous pouvez vous aider d’un dictionnaire mais, il est important qu’elle reflète votre niveau de langue réel. Votre lettre doit être dactylographiée et signée par vous.

Vous trouverez ci-joints les différents exemples de lettre de présentation, si vous trouvez des fautes c’est tout à fait normal, car nous avons uniquement utilisé notre BRAIN!!

Exemple numéro 1
Dear Host Family!
If you need an efficient and dynamic au pair. This profile perfectly matches mine.

I can say I’m so happy to come in the USA, in your family, that’s why I write this letter for you with enjoy!
To start, my name is C_____. I am nineteen years-old.
I was born in south of France in S_____ maybe you know this place because it’s a famous city in France, but less than Paris obviously.

I am a student (for two years, I have been preparing the litterary baccalaureate. It’s a diploma where we learn ___) in a city named C_____. It is a very beautiful city next to the sea, ideal for walks or going to the beach with my parents or my friends. As well as doing sport, because I really love to practice sport!

I also like driving (I drive for one year now) to go to school but I also drive to go to the gym and during the week-end to see my friends and my family. (During the day, at night, in the morning, in the rain, on the highway, in the city, in the countryside…) But I also drive to pick up E_____ after school and take him home or go for a walk at the beach for example. Or drive to take L_____, A_____, L_____ or M_____ (my little cousins) to go to the beach, to the cinema, to the pool… I love driving so much, and I feel comfortable driving with children in the car as part of my au pair duties! And also I am used to driving automatic cars because my father owns a ____ automatic (and also a manual ___ ! My father loves the American cars a lot!!)

I could describe myself as a young girl, dynamic, always listening, patient, versatile and responsible. And above all I am a person who always smiles, I would take this work very much to heart for the well-being of the children.

I live in S_____, in a big house with a big backyard (it is a little city with 5 000 inhabitants) with my mother E_____who is 39 years old, but everybody calls her M_____ because it is more cute.. and also with my father R_____ who is 42 years-old and my little brother R_____who is 17 years old.
I really love my family because together we do a lot of things like going to the cinema, going in vacation, going to restaurant.. and everyday we talk about our day around dinner, and it is always a very good moment!
I like also when we watch a movie together…
For me, my little brother is everything.. And even if R______ is in boarding school, we often speak by message, or Snapchat ..

I have traveled a lot with my family in Spain, in Italia, in Canary islands but also in France! So I am used to be on the road for a long time. Nevertheless I did a lot of travel alone or with my friends.
For example in 2013, I was in a host family in Spain during one week and it was a very good experience because I was able to discover an other way of life and speak in Spanish with my host family. And even if sometimes it was difficult for me, I never gave up ! I asked my family when I did not understand.

Also, every year with my parents we go to campsites. So with my little brother R_____ we had to adapt to meet new persons or to speak with other people but it wasn’t very difficult because we love to make new friends.

Also in summer 2016, with my diploma BAFA (a french childminder certificate) , I went two months, alone, in the south of France to work in a leisure center.
I knew no one but it was not a problem for me because I love meet new people and also because I was looking forward to meeting kids!!
I was so happy when I discovered the 12 children I would have to take care of because they were so cute! Together we have done lot of things like go to the aquatic center, to the park, or to the swimming pool.
We have done a lot of games, coloring, cakes.. and also many pictures during the leisure center.
When I had to go home, I was really sad because I missed them but I thought I will see them again when I come back!
And it is soon !!! Because this summer I go back to work in the south, in a bar restaurant on the beach. So I will be able to see all those kids again!

I also went to Florida, alone, in February 2017 during 12 days. And I think it is also for this that I would really like become an au pair girl in USA because American people was really lovely, and nice… and also because there were incredible landscapes, the food was also very good, even if it was a little fat to me ! But I enjoyed mexican food!! Nevertheless I would like now discover more because for me I did not see enough things!
Now I would like to discover the culture, the way of life…

Now I am going to tell you about my best friend who name is S______. We became friend when I arrived in C_____ in 2013. Together we did lot of things like going to a summer camp and also in winter camp without our parents. It was so cool because we did lot of activities like skiing, cycling, boat.., and also because we met a lot of news friends.
Actually S_____ is an Au Pair in Australia, and she told me that it is a very good experience because his host family is very nice and when she has a bad day for example because she misses her French family, her host family is there to support her. But also because she learns many things about Australian culture, and because now she is better in English. With this all beautiful things that she tells me, I have a real desire to go to be an au pair.

It would be a dream for me to become an au pair girl in the USA because since always, I love playing with kids.
And when I was a little girl, I organised lot of games for my cousins like hide-outs, treasure hunt, and hut-building, dance competitions, swimming lessons….
And still today when I keep L_____, A______, L_____ or E_____, I organize games because I love to be with children, playing, walking, singing, dancing with them and also cooking lot of cakes to the snack…
Sometimes we go to the cinema, to the beach, to the swimming pool or to the O_____ (which is a water leisure park..)
I had to pick them up at school, prepare the meal, help them with their homework, shower the children …

Even though I did not have the opportunity to keep a baby for 200 hours, nevertheless I have already taken care of a baby, I have already fed a baby bottle, give the spoon, prepare the meal, monitored the nap, shower and I have already played with him.

Also, I would like become an au pair girl in USA because with this adventure I will be able to discover a new country, a new culture, new landscapes while becoming fluent. I could have more confidence in myself and in the world of work. And also in the future I could speak in English to my own children.
Moreover, I love your traditions, your custums, your country! and I could enrich your family by sharing my culture, my french traditions…

In my opinion, an au pair must be able to assume the accompaniment of children in their daily life, but also to assume the few tasks inherent in the maintenance of any home. For my part, I am able to assume this role for your family.
Moreover, I have been able to develop up to now a great versatility, but also a special attention to children, or a constant stability thanks to the course that was mine as you have observed in my Cover letter. Moreover, these different experiences have given me great adaptability. It would therefore be a pleasure for me to make myself useful in your home.

I hope you enjoyed my presentation! I’m really looking forward to meeting you, so maybe see you soon !!

C_____ (your name)

Exemple numéro 2
Dear Host Families,
My name is J_____, but you can call me Junior.
People love to call me J______, and I love it too…
I am twenty years old, 21 on March, 19th. I am French. I just came back from six months in the US, just as a tourist and I really had a good time. I was in Washington, D.C./Arlington, VA/Fairfax, VA. I traveled a lot while I was there.

I really love children, take care of them, teach then all I know, answer their question, play with them. I have a really good contact with kids, and I am really happy to be with kids. I think they notice that, and so, they are happy too.

I also love sport. I am practicing a lot of basket ball, for exemple, but by myself. I really love this sport. Also, I boxed, I practiced Krav Maga for two years, but it’s a very long learning process. I played soccer for ten years, and I coached some teams.
I also really love mechanic, cars, motocycles.

I have 2 sisters ; one who is older, one who is younger. They are 23 and 15, and their names are C_____ and T______. My little sister if from a different father and a different mother. She’s actually my stepdad’s daughter. But, I consider my stepdad as my father, not my stepdad. So, Tessa is my sister. That’s it.

My mom is 50, and my father 44. I spend a lot of time with them. I do mechanic with my father, on his different old cars. We recently renovated his Toyota BJ42, entirely. And now, it’s really gorgeous.
My father is a Police Officer in France, and I am really proud of him.
My mother is a accountant, and she is really smart. I am really proud that she is my mother.

I am writing this letter to you, because I want to explain why I wanna be an Au Pair.

I want to be an au pair, because I think I can bring some things to the children, and that the children can teach me a lot, as my host family can do it too, but also because I really love to be with children, and to take care of them. I spend a lot of time, taking care of them, taking care of my cousins, playing with my sisters (even though they are old), with my parent’s friend’s kids. Everytime I can play with children, I do it, because I love children’s games. I think it’s important to keep a part of innocence. So I do and I upkeep it.

Even though I am trying to keep a part of innocence, I am really responsible and independant.

I kept a lot of children during my short life, as my cousins (a very loooooot of time), as friend’s children (6years old, 8years old, 11 years old, 12years old 15years old, 2 twins who are today 16), I kept many time an autistic teenager, who is 15years today, … The two twins I kept many time were the kids of my ex-girlfriend’s brother. I spent almost 6 years with her. I met her when I was 14, and so, with all that kids I watched, and with this relationship, I learnt to be serious, patient, positive, attentive. I also learnt to think about everything twice, to be sure of the good of any of my actions.

Actually, my uncle and my aunt trust me that much, they gave me the honor to be the Godfather of their son (A_____) which is 9 today (10 on October, 11th 2017), which was born, by the way in London, EN.

I also wanna be an au pair, because I would love to live the American-Way-Of-Life, and understand how American Families are working ; actually I am really curious, I love to learn many things, whenever I can, and I am really interesting in everything which is around me. I want to learn everything which is possible for me to learn, because knowledge is the best weapon in this world, and I really think that way. I really like to think that I never know anything.

I think, with this experience, I will be even more mature than I am right now, and this is what I’m also looking for. I hope This experience will make me a better person, by make me even more responsible, patient.
I know that I will have good relationship with my host family, because I am really open-minded, I am dedicated, and I love to adapt myself to new environment ; actually, I am really good at this.
Also, I pay a lot of attention about what people say to me, and I learn really quickly.

The last thing I wanna say is that ; I wanna be a Soldier. And, I love to think that everything is like a “war”, and that whatever I will do during my life, I will do it a 110%. I pay a very big attention, maybe a bigger attention than everything else, to NEVER ever fail anybody, in anything I am doing. This is also something which describes me.

If I would summarize myself in few words, I would use :
Dedication, Commitment, Loyalty, Adaptation, and I would finish wish one sentence.
I’ll never EVER give up my dreams, and anything I do. If I fail, then, I try again. And again. And again.

“If you do what is easy, your life will be hard. If you do what is hard, your life will be easy”

I would love to talk to you, and tell you more about me, contact me, even if you just wanna have a talk, and I would be really happy to answer you !

J_____(your name)

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